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We are pleased to offer Health Coaching and Nutrition Counseling as features of The Institute for Health & Human Performance, in order to provide the expertise, support, and inspiration to live happier and healthier lives.

Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches are here to empower you to improve your overall health by supporting positive, long-term healthy change. Areas covered can include exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress management, and work-life balance.

Our Health Coaches will help you:

  • Make meaningful and lasting behavioral changes
  • Break the vicious cycle of temporary change that is fueled by quick-fix solutions that don’t have lasting results
  • Maximize your motivation and stay on track
  • Provide fundamental nutrition education
  • Develop exercise plans and teach weight loss physiology
  • Teach you pre- and post-exercise nutrition fundamentals and proper hydration strategies

Who could benefit from Health Coaching?

  • Anyone looking for extra support and motivation to put their health needs first
  • Those who need help translating a Primary Care Provider’s recommendations into action with lasting results
  • People who are interested to improve their overall health baseline


Select insurance plans are accepted for Nutrition Counseling. Scroll down to learn more.

Nutrition Counseling

How Nutrition Counseling Can Benefit You

Proper nutrition is the foundation for good health. It not only provides us with the energy we need to power our system, but proper nutrition is instrumental in preventing and overcoming disease and managing chronic conditions. Each person’s individual nutritional needs can vary drastically. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance, or are dealing with a chronic disease or food sensitivity, our counselors tailor to what is best for you. That’s what our service is all about. Meet our Health & Wellness Coaches

Some of the Nutrition Services We Offer Include:

  • Weight Management & Weight Reduction
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Disease Prevention & Management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Guidance
  • Supplement Selection/Guidance
  • Cooking Classes
  • Pantry Purge

Weight Management & Reduction: We can work with you to identify reasons you have been unable to achieve a healthy body weight and help you to set up an individualized plan for changes that will help you to gradually and naturally achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. We don’t use fad diets, but instead, teach you to use healthy foods, in the right amounts, and an individualized exercise and stress reduction plan that allows your body to achieve a healthy weight.

Preventing and Managing Disease: We provide Medical Nutrition Therapy based on the most current scientific research to help you prevent or manage diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, autoimmune disorders, and many others. Your nutritionist will work with you to assess your current lifestyle and help you develop a plan for healthy eating and exercise which gives you the best outcomes in prevention or management of your condition.

Sports Nutrition: We can help you to build the best diet for fueling your body and recovery after exercise, whether you are trying to get the most out of your daily workouts, or training for an elite competition. Choosing the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times can help you to feel stronger and perform better.

Food Allergies or Sensitivities: We can help you to design a healthy, balanced diet, while working around food allergies, and help you to identify hidden sources of a particular allergen. We can also help you to identify food sensitivities that you were unaware of, which may be contributing to your symptoms. We can recommend food sensitivity testing and then work with you to develop a balanced meal plan for helping your body to heal.

Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle Guidance: Whether you are currently practicing, or thinking about making a change to your lifestyle, our nutritionists are here to help you make healthy substitutions and ensure you are incorporating balance and good nutrition in the absence of meat, dairy, or gluten.

Supplement Selection/Guidance: Our nutritionists are knowledgeable about many various supplements and can help you to sort out which may be beneficial or detrimental to your body, health condition, or sport.

Cooking Classes: Whether you love to cook or hate it, we can teach you ways to plan a healthy diet, shop for the foods you want, and prepare them in quick, healthy ways. You will learn basic cooking techniques and how to combine foods at meals and snacks that fit into your time and financial budget. We focus on ways to maximize nutrition benefits through ingredient selection and healthy cooking techniques.

Pantry Purge: includes a home visit where we will assess your food options at home and make a grocery list of healthy alternatives.


Price List & Payment Options


As of August 1, 2015 we are accepting insurance from select companies for Nutrition Counseling. We are currently in-network with Harvard Pilgrim, Cigna, Anthem, and Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield. At this time, these are the only insurances that we accept for Nutrition. Coverage and cost sharing for the service will depend on your specific insurance plan. We are happy to verify your benefits to see if you have coverage for this service. We do recommend a physician referral stating medical necessity as this is required for many plans. 


Initial Evaluation: $120

Single follow-up visit: $100

3-Month Nutrition Package: $499 – includes 6 follow-up visits (up to 1 hour as needed) and unlimited email support. All packages are non-refundable and expire 3 months following date of purchase.


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