Flip-Flop Tips to Prevent Foot PainFlip Flops Can Aggravate Plantar Fasciitis

Nothing says “summer” like donning a pair of flip-flops. Whether you’re avoiding shoes full of beach sand, freeing your feet from cold-weather confinement, or just enjoying the casual convenience of your favorite pair of  thong sandals, flip-flops are a staple of the season.

When Good Flip-Flops Go Bad

Wearing flip-flops is not a problem for most people, but too much of a good thing can cause serious pain. Your toe, foot, and leg muscles work much harder walking in flip-flops than in shoes, and the clenching required to keep them on your feet can make tendons tight and cause problems extending from your heel (plantar fasciitis) all the way up to your lower back.

Better flip flops for plantar fasciitis

Think on your feet! Flip-Flop Tips from Your PT:

  1. Stay off rough terrain and away from street hazards. Most flip-flops offer little or no support or protection from uneven ground and dangerous discarded or sharp objects, so they’re not always a smart choice. Remember that other people are hazards too, so watch out for crowds (the person stepping on your toes might not be wearing foamy soft soles!).
  2. Don’t walk long distances in thongs. If you’re going to be traveling several blocks, or all over the amusement park, leave the flip-flops behind and wear shoes. You’ll be glad you did!
  3. Consider better flip-flop options. The ideal choice is a sandal with straps that completely wrap around your feet, with a sturdy sole that offers some arch support. This is a case where you’ll probably get what you pay for, so invest wisely and keep your feet happy.
  4. Stretch! Counter the tightening effect of flip flop “toe clenching” with foot and leg stretches. The runner’s lunge* is a good start, and visit our website for a more complete stretch to prevent the pain of plantar fasciitis that can be aggravated by wearing flip flops.

Strained Plantar Fascia Diagram

More Resources: Let’s Talk Feet!

Keeping your feet healthy and happy is an important step to ensuring a good foundation for skeletal health. Learn more about some of the most common foot and ankle conditions that we treat in our clinic.

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George Merrill’s Total Approach to Movement

Cioffredi & Associates is grateful to serve so many outstanding members of the Upper Valley community, and for the trust they place in us to restore and enhance movement and to get them back to doing the things they love. George Merrill took full advantage of our continuum of care services, and he was kind enough to share his “Movement for Life” experience…

George Merrill's Total Approach to Movement

George’s Success Story…In His Words

After two years of limping around following my hip replacement and unable to ski on uneven terrain I decided enough was enough! I called Bill Cioffredi and scheduled a rehab program to address these problems. Within weeks I was walking without a limp, going up and down stairs without using the handrail, and skiing nonstop top to bottom at Mt. Sunapee.

Physical Therapy

I had tried other rehab practices but this practice really addressed my problems and worked the muscle groups that were specific to my needs. After completing my Physical Therapy rehab sessions with Bill Cioffredi I was ready to make the next step in advancing my range of motion and overall fitness.

Medically Based Personal Training

I have gained excellent results by scheduling with both Davis and Elena to work in concert with each other on my total fitness. Together, I have noticed an increase in my mobility and strength.
Personal Trainer Davis picked up where Bill left off, giving me a wider range of exercises to work the muscles groups used in skiing. I have seen noticeable improvement in my balance and flexibility as well as my skiing.

Massage Therapy

Elena, a Massage Therapist, with her magic hands helped my muscles to recover quickly and to get a balance from one side to the other. She noticed some muscle groups were tighter on one side versus the other and went to work in helping me get the balance I needed.

I strongly urge anyone thinking about improving their quality of life to give Cioffredi & Associates a call! ~George Merrill

Introducing Two New Members of the Cioffredi & Associates Team

Cioffredi & Associates | The Institute for Health & Human Performance is growing to better serve your needs, with the addition of a physical therapy clinician and an integrative health coach to our team.


Julie earned her Doctorate in PT in 2007, as well as a BS in Psychology in 2004, from Sacred Heart University. She has been practicing orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation therapy since 2007, with a special interest in adolescent athletes.

Julie loves all things “active and outdoors.” As a college athlete she captained her field hockey team, achieving second team All-American recognition, and served as assistant coach as a graduate student. She has experienced many areas of the country including Alaska and Washington state as a travel therapist, and enjoys snowboarding, biking, hiking, kayaking, and “playing with her pups!”

Learn more about how Julie can help you live a happier and healthier life.

MICHELE BOUTIN, Integrative Health Coach and Client Care RepresentativeMichele Boutin, Integrative Health Coach

Michele has been practicing as an Integrative Health Coach in the Upper Valley for the past 10 years, specializing in immune system and GI wellness and has, recently, added Personal Cheffing to her services. As a Freelance Writer in the field of Integrative Health, Michele’s pieces have been published in: Upper Upper Valley Parents Paper, HEAL, Kids Stuff, Kearsarge, and Upper Valley Life Magazine.

As the Client Care Representative, Michele ensures that all clients of Cioffredi & Associates get what they need and want from their care and that their experience with us is of the highest quality.



Humanities and Health

Do you know someone who exercises regularly, but it’s almost a compulsive activity to “manage stress?” Controlling their weight is a constant “battle.” Going to their physician is a source of stress, as they wait to see what their numbers are going to be; worrying about their blood pressure, cholesterol, or other lab values they’re monitoring.William Cioffredi, PT

Then there’s the person for whom exercise and activity are enjoyments. They seem to eat sensibly, and you don’t hear them describing things that they should or shouldn’t be eating. They just generally seem to be happy, laugh easily, and seem confident without being cocky. They get sad in appropriate situations, but the sadness doesn’t persist. They don’t seem to be “battling” anything in their life. If they have a health problem, it doesn’t seem to dominate their life.

At a time when technology seems to be advancing at the speed of light, research is delving deeper and deeper into our own biology for the answers to better health. Yet our country is one of the largest consumers of pain and psychotropic medication, as well as alcohol and other drugs that help us to interface with life.

Could it be that one of the challenges with our health is that our understanding of the humanities and human behavior has not kept up with the pace of technology in the natural sciences? If it piques your interest, consider attending our Speaker Series event in May.

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Featuring Dr. Cathleen Beaver and Dr. Dominic Candido, founders of Enhance Health.


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